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Help the continuation of the Ballerina Project

After nearly 14 years of photography it be very likely the Ballerina Project will end and conclude the creation of new content at the close of this summer. First we would like to thank all the people that have supported the project with their kind words, subscriptions to our website and purchases of our limited edition prints. Without your support the project would not have reached so many people across the world and also survived for more than a decade. 

Like most creative endeavors, money and resources will ultimately dictate the fate of ones success and survivability. Over the past 3-4 years we have attempted to construct ways for the project to become sustainable while not losing our creative direction. Unfortunately these attempts fell short and we have only continued to dig into a deeper financial hole. 

Today we are looking to rally support to hopefully help the project continue into the foreseeable future. To help the Ballerina Project reach the level of funding needed to continue please consider subscribing to our website and also purchasing one of our limited edition prints. We anticipate that by adding approximately 1400 new subscribers in the next month or two the project will be able to continue beyond the summer.

To subscribe to the Ballerina Project website:

A 1-year subscription to our website is $9.95 but with you will also automatically receive a coupon code for $14.95 towards purchasing one of our limited edition prints. Essentially with a purchase of one of our limited edition prints subscription to our website is free with a $5 discount. 

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